Peacock Design Jewel Carpet 45 cm x 60 cm

$ 305.00

Peacock Design Zardozi Wall  Hanging Velvet Jewel Carpet with Precious Stones and Golden Thread


  • This decorative wall hanging tapestry has been handcrafted by the finest artisans.
  • Jeweled Wall Hanging or Tapestry is a magnificent and exceptional art of Zardozi
  • Zardozi embroidery is beautiful metal embroidery, which once used to embellish the attire of the Kings and the royals in India.
  • Various types of semi-precious gemstones are meticulously handcrafted and fixed in golden metallic threads to create a fine object of wall hanging tapestry
  • Stone Colour and style may be slightly different than picture shown but overall design will remain the same.
  • Size: 2 ft x 1.5 ft ( 60 cms x 45 cms) Approx.
  • Hand-embroidery: 100% Metallic Golden Threads.
  • Base: 100 % Velvet.
  • Delivery 10-12 days

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 60 × 45 × 3 cm


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